All inpatient and outpatient procedures or surgeries performed in a facility (as defined above) require pre-certification and authorization. In addition, there are other services listed in the utilization review section of your plan document that will require pre-certification and authorization. These include but are not limited to: inpatient and outpatient behavioral health and chemical dependency; home healthcare and hospice care; physical, occupational and speech therapy; complex imagining (MRI, PET, CAT scan, etc.); and chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

A copy of your plan document can be found on the portal. Your physician should contact the pre-certification number listed on your ID card to have the procedure pre-certified. Narus Health will check for medical necessity and advise the provider if the requested service is authorized by the plan.

PLEASE NOTE: Narus Health recommends the provider start the pre-certification process 5-7 days prior to the scheduled service date. Providers should call Lucent Health to confirm your eligibility and benefits at 877-214-2129.