Our Mission:

To be the preferred healthcare solutions partner for Employers. We manage Employer healthcare costs, deliver actionable data and improve Employee health. We create value for Employers and their members.

Our Vision:

Positively transform the healthcare experience for Employers and Employees.

What Motivates Us

We serve Employers and their Employees where they are. We’re with them in person, on the phone, on a video call, in an email and via text message. No one cares more than Lucent Health, and no one can do what we do for our Employers and their Employees.

Focus on Quality of Care where you are

Our focus is to ensure every one of your Employee’s experience with their healthcare plan is an excellent one –– in every way. From simply locating a doctor, to communicating to the Employee and their family, we are there. Our focus never leaves you the Employer and your Employees. We have your back.

Commitment to ongoing Plan Savings

Our services simply work with Employers to achieve healthcare cost savings and improve their Employee’s health. As a true partner with Employers, we work one-on-one with your organization to develop the best-fit healthcare plan solution for your needs and your budget.

We are able to do what Washington D.C. can’t: deliver to Employers and their Employees healthcare plans that are affordable, manageable and which meet both the Employer and the Employee where they are. No one cares more than Lucent Health.

Our Current Reach

Lucent Health has 320 employees and manages over 1,000 clients with 250,000 members. We manage members located in all 50 states and have employers domiciled in 20 states. We service our clients with four client service centers located in Denver – CO, Appleton – WI, Nashville – TN and Rancho Cordova – CA. In addition, we have sales, account management and IT offices in the following cities: Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Omaha, Portland, San Jose and Salt Lake.