120 139 mmHg // 82 bpm
Opioid Abuse
10.5 g/dl
Melanoma // Stage 2

Human Focused
Data Driven

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What does Lucent Health do?

We provide healthcare solutions for your people with customized plans, data engineering, and superior care experiences.

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How does Lucent Health manage the costs?


Data Science

We interpret your data, allowing us to predict trends, simulate your options, and custom engineer a health plan unique to your company.

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Care + Advocacy

We can offer access to concierge care. We also identify and engage at-risk members to help them manage the costs and stresses of complex care.

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Proactive Partners

With timely responses to daily data, you now have a proactive partner to make informed healthcare decisions and provide a better experience for your employees. Together, we give you control over your total cost of care.

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