Lucent Health Partners

with Narus Health

Holding Company

In the bottle: $700,000 in savings.

Lucent developed the client a custom support package. Who is guiding you?

Entertainment Company

The client experienced over 24% claim reduction.

Lucent developed the client a custom support package. Who is guiding you?

Large Federal Contract

Lucent Health has saved the client millions of dollars.

Lucent developed the client a custom support package. Who is guiding you?

Large National Retail Client

Operational simplification and cost controls delivered
via Lucent Health Traditional Self-Funding.

Lucent developed the client a custom support package. Who is guiding you?

HealthCARE is a verb: How can Lucent Health Help?

Employers want better cost controls.
Their Employees want a high-value healthcare experience.

Whether in-network or out-of-network, we will always provide you with the best pricing to delivery affordable health plans. Plan savings and member peace-of-mind are the hallmarks of Lucent Clarity product, and we will deliver both to you and your member. Expect impactful results that are meaningful and hassle free.

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Employers want data transparency.
Lucent Health empowers Employers with actionable data

Lucent Clarity provides you with the insights needed to know what’s really going on in your plan. Via our Daily Dashboard, you have access to direct plan performance data –– no guessing on what’s really driving costs, and why. Armed with daily data updates on your plan’s performance, you have the analytics needed to direct your plan’s evolution.

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Self-insured Employers want in-house solutions to manage an ‘episode of care’

Your health plan now comes with concierge care: Lucent provides 24/7 access to Narus Health care managers, nurses, and social workers. We care for your people and ensure: Care Coordination – From appointments to follow-up support to case management services, we help people coordinate their care. Medication Management – A comprehensive medication checklist with dosing reminders for your people. EOB Guidance – Concierge-level support to assist your people with Explanation of Benefits statements and medical bills.

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Employers want peace of mind for care management

The single most important question an Employer can ask us is: ‘Why is this happening?’ Lucent Health provides the solutions and guidance self-insured Employers are seeking. We deliver high-performance claim processing that is best in class. Our Plan Administration takes a hands-on approach to ensure every claim is fully vetted before being paid. We collaborate closely with you to ensure your awareness of plan performance and upcoming high-cost claimants. As part of our core values, we are continually accountable to you for plan performance. We deliver peace of mind to Employers and their members. We have your back.

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A Healthcare Solutions Company: The many ways Lucent Health is helping Employers reduce costs, enhance member outcomes and improve plan performance.


We have your back

Lucent Health puts its clients first –– from delivering innovative cost savings and online mobile-friendly reporting to personalized care experiences, member outcomes and 24/7 access.

And we’re local. We meet you where you are, today, now.