Country music legends are just like the rest of us when it comes to needing help navigating healthcare. Tim McGraw joined the board of directors for Narus Health, Lucent Health’s care management solution, after witnessing his father Tug’s struggle with the healthcare system at the end of his life in 2004.

McGraw and his friend Todd Cato, director of development for Lucent Health’s care management solution, powered by Narus Health, bonded over their shared frustrations around these care experiences for their fathers. They wanted to be a part of a solution that placed humans at the center of the care experience, and gave them tools to manage the complex and scary parts with compassionate and experienced help. 

McGraw became a Narus customer in 2018. McGraw and his wife, country music star Faith Hill, started using Narus Health when Faith’s father became ill. The couple needed help coordinating his care and they needed to handle communication with other family members from afar. Using Lucent Health’s care management solution, powered by Narus Health, they were able to keep abreast of his care and his medications, and communicate with other family members.

You don’t need to be a country music star to take advantage of care management of the type that Tim and Faith were able to use.

Employees who are relatively healthy and mostly use preventive care services need only the most basic level of service, or concierge care. This level usually involves getting questions answered about benefits or accessing human resources-related information. 

However, employees who are pregnant, have conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer, or who require chronic behavioral health management need the most advanced level of service, also known as complex care management. These plan participants have conditions that are costlier than those of others in the group, thus they need more attention.

As plan participants’ healthcare needs change, they may seamlessly move between the different levels of care, with dedicated care managers meeting their needs throughout their healthcare journeys. By integrating various levels of care and pulling continuous, real-time health data on plan participants, the right third-party administrator (TPA) can always be prepared to provide the care management that employees need, when they need it. And self-insured employers can rest assured knowing their plan is taking good care of their employees, with the happy result of controlling costs.

Care management that places humans at the center of the approach is a solution that benefits brokers and employers should look for. Three questions that either a broker or an employer might ask:

  1. How will you take care of my people?
  2. How is your care management solution integrated into the rest of your benefits offerings?
  3. How are data and technology used to help deliver human-centered care?

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