Lucent Rx

Lucent Rx is our specially designed solution to help Lucent Health members who require specialty drugs and therapies for complex or rare chronic conditions. Lucent Rx helps you determine the most effective and efficient means of procuring what you need.

Do you need Specialty drugs or therapies?

That's Why the Lucent Rx Specialty Pharmacy Program was Built

Lucent Rx, an added service to your existing pharmacy benefits, is designed to help you obtain your prescribed specialty drugs at little to no out of pocket cost. This program is offered in partnership with Lucent Health and Southern Scripts.

The list of specific high-cost specialty drugs in the Lucent Rx program can be found using the search function below. Please take a moment to see if any medications you take are included in the Lucent Rx program.

  • If you have no medications on the list, you do not need to take any action at this time.
  • If your medication is on the list, call Lucent Rx at 888-585-3309. A Lucent Rx care coordinator will guide you through the Lucent Rx program.

Please note: If your medication is on the list, you must use Lucent Rx. If you do not use Lucent Rx, you will pay the full cost of the medication.

See if any medications you take are included in the Lucent Rx program.

Here's How It Works:

If you are taking a specialty drug or therapy, call Lucent Rx at 888-585-3309 to confirm medication and go over the process. Lucent Rx is for specialty drugs only.

If you've been prescribed a specialty drug therapy and taken that prescription to the pharmacy here's what you can expect

Step 1: Prescription

Member is prescribed a medication from their physician.

Step 2: Pharmacy

Prescription is presented to the pharmacy to fill.

Step 3: Redirection

Pharmacy processes the claim, drug is identified as a specialty drug and claim is redirected to Lucent Rx to find the lowest cost option.

Step 4: Application

Member calls Lucent Rx. A Lucent Rx care coordinator will guide the member through an application process.

Step 5: Fulfillment

Upon approval of prior authorization, Lucent Rx works with the member and pharmacy to determine most efficient means to obtain drug for members while waiting for application approval.

Step 6: Access

Upon successful enrollment into patient assistance program, member will receive drug directly from the manufacturer.

Lucent Rx Medication List