The one-size-fits-all insurance model is outdated and it’s creating unnecessary costs for employers.

We do things differently. We construct a plan that is best suited to meet the healthcare needs of your unique employee population. You only pay for what your employees truly need, enhancing outcomes and reducing unwarranted costs.

How we do it

We receive daily data reports for your covered members which means we’re notified within 24 hours of a claim being filed about any potential medical condition.

We reach out to the individual as soon as we’re notified, offering care and support through every decision, both big and small, on their healthcare journey. Early and holistic support creates better outcomes, mitigates risk, and controls overall costs.

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We simplify the daunting experience of healthcare for your team.

We focus entirely on the patient and family experience. Research shows that employees who feel supported and knowledgeable about their healthcare and caregiving decisions achieve better outcomes. We make it simple to connect to our care team 24/7.

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Guided Implementation & Onboarding

When you decide to partner with the Lucent team, we will guide you through the onboarding process step by step, minimizing the stress of transition and maximizing efficiency in implementation.

Flexible Integration With Other Partners

Depending on your custom engineered plan, we have partners that have proven success in integration. We are the pros at coordinating data and seamless integration with existing or future partners or vendors.

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as unique as your people.

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