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We are committed to pushing beyond the broken and antiquated insurance structures to empower you to take control of health benefits for your employees. With customized plans, data engineering, and superior care experiences, Lucent Health provides proactive healthcare solutions for your people.

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With offices across the country, we serve employers and members nationwide, offering self-funded health plans that reduce costs while improving the member experience.

Why we’re here

Before starting Lucent Health, Brett Rodewald was a CEO who felt powerless in controlling the healthcare coverage and experience for his employees. Instead of signing up for another year of increasing costs and horrible member experiences, he created a better way.

As a businessman and a leader who cares about the well being of those he leads, Brett founded Lucent Health to offer organizations across the country a better way to do healthcare.

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Brett Rodewald

President, Chief Executive Officer
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Alex Arnet

Chief Commercial Officer
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