Lucent Traditional

Traditional Plans Provide Claim Administration Staffing & Resources

There’s a better solution
Employers do not have to buy a prepackaged solution. With Traditional plans, the Employer pays a premium rate to their preferred insurance carrier. Rates are fixed for a year, based on the number of employees enrolled in the plan each month.

  1. Save bid money and provide better benefits by self-funding.
  2. Self-funding gives the flexibility and savings Employers seek.

The Facts about Traditional Self Funding
The reality is that many more Employers are continuing to go with traditional self funding; and the reasons are pretty clear:

  1. Aggressive Savings – $.75 in savings for each claim $1 submitted
  2. Employers and their members save up to 80% on medical services when compared to typical PPO networks
  3. Volume Stoploss Discounts – Because we serve over 250,000 members and their families, we are able to get large discounts
  4. The Best Doctor Networks – Cigna, Anthem, Blue Cross and others
  5. Plan options – With Traditional self-funding, you can bundle in value-based payments plan Lucent Clarity as well as innovative employee care management and wellness options
  6. Funding options – We can include creative funding solutions such as:
    • Lucent Surity’s captives program that helps Employers share risk with other like-minded Employers
    • Deep pharmacy savings
    • Unprecedented claim savings
    • Flexible, yes optimized care management program
    • and secure online data tools for Employers and their employees

Lucent Traditional self-funding really provides the Employer with the knowledge to make the best decisions to achieve the highest healthcare plan performance possible.


Traditional plans are the nation’s best self-funded solution delivering the flexible platform to help the Employer achieve the savings they need in order to secure the best benefits to their clients. Several benefits include:


Flexibility in network choice


Ability to intelligently influence member behavior


Focus on tech innovation and wellness delivers low single-digit medical trend while also passing on savings


Year-to-year stability


Fully integrated and proprietary clinical and care management solution that put the member's care and experience above all

How It Works


Innovative Population Care Management

Claim Management

Rx Savings

Data Tools

Creative Funding Solutions


Member Focused Outcomes

Claim Audits

Stop-Loss Pricing/Savings