Employers rely on our military-grade secure data warehouse to help them manage and anticipate their healthcare plan’s spend. That’s over 300 trillion bytes (and growing) of claim data that drives our proprietary predictive analytics. Our data warehouse is used to receive, process, analyze and report back to Employers and their brokers revealing the actual cost drivers of the Employer’s healthcare plan costs. Our customized one-page summary reports and fully detailed plan-performance reports are available 24/7/365.

Smarter: Data that’s always on and always accurate.

Actionable Insights

Armed with our data, analysis and advisory services, Employers can quickly and easily zoom into their health plan’s financials – including the practical and clear steps Employers can take to reduce costs, manage spend and improve member outcomes in an affordable way. Our data and analysis make all the difference for Employers every day.

Smarter: Data that enables Employers to take cost-reducing actions today.


Mobile data is vital as Employers look for ways to reduce the cost of their healthcare plans, mitigate risk and improve the quality of care and member outcomes. Using military-grade secure cloud platforms, we ensure Employers have 24/7/365 access to their vital data –– and the analysis and guidance we personally provide to Employers –– on smartphone, tablets and desktops.

Smarter: Data solutions that enhance Employer data access, security, control.

Real Costs & Savings

Employers want to reduce costs, maximize benefits’ value and see costs before they hit. Employers want to take action early on and know the bottomline –– the real cost of their healthcare plan and apply more effective controls to drive costs down while ensuring every member is provided personal and high-quality care. This concierge-mindset of Lucent Health follows our clients from the doctor visit all the way to the pharmacy and beyond. We stand by our Employers and provide them with solid data, support, guidance and the best ways to effectively reduce costs to their bottomline.

Smarter: Seeing real costs and taking action to reduce future costs.


You’re an Employer and every dollar you spend matters. We have your back. Other than the CFO or CEO, few people can directly impact an Employers’ bottomline such as when a healthcare claim is paid. Our claim analysts thoroughly vet each claim ensuring our 99% claim processing accuracy, rejecting duplicates and verifying all service codes before considering payment. We do not pay a claim unless it has been verified as accurate and complete. There are no guesses, no presumptions made. Our claim analysts are trained, mentored and certified to look out for our Employers’ funds as if our own.

Smarter: We have the Employers’ back every day.


Nothing is more important than an Employers’ healthcare plan data. We take your trust in us very seriously. Our data management platforms are fully HIPAA compliant and encrypted using the latest military-grade encryption technology. We are ensuring your data is safe, secure and accessible for whenever you need it – smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops. Our secure cloud network provides you with the best of both worlds.

Smarter: Security that’s accessible and compliant for Employers.


Lucent Health responses to Employer needs and quickly innovates solutions that drive real value –– like the Lucent Health Daily Dashboard email, which shows how an Employer’s plan performs each day. Additonally, our highly-acclaimed Provider ePayables platform makes certain that Employers always have high confidence about their members’s providers being paid accurately, completely and and on time.

Smarter: Innovaton thats 100% focused on the Employer.