The MEC solution provides Employers with a way to secure 100% Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and avoid IRS fines.


Lucent Health’s MEC Solution was designed for employers required by the ACA to offer health insurance coverage to their employees. The MEC solution specifically handles the requirements for the Employer mandate. By offering The MEC solution, the Employer can avoid the Employer mandate penalties and offer an affordable health plan option to their employees. The employees are offered various options and they can select the option that best meets their healthcare needs and their budget.

How It Works

The MEC solution is a combination of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans including Basic MEC (minimum required coverage) with other MEC plan offerings that include enhanced benefits. All MEC plans help Employers meet ACA mandates, thus avoiding penalties, plus can provide additional benefits to help their employees with their medical benefit needs. The MEC solution has 4 MEC plans available. The Employer has the opportunity to customize the offering by selecting a combination of MEC plans that best meet their budget needs and the needs of their employees.


The Lucent Health solution makes it simple by providing the Employer access to a MEC solution along with full major medical plan options. Lucent Health’s health plan platform is highly flexible and affordable ensuring each employee has personalized and compliant coverage.


Minimum ACA-compliant coverage with member-focused additional coverage provides flexibility of choice.


Secures lowest plan cost by combining reference and Medicare-plus pricing, fixed fees, and stop loss discounts.

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