Level Funded Plans

A Lucent Health Level Funded plan gives you the ability to manage costs and maintain month-to-month cost stability.

Predictable Monthly Fee

This is not a fully insured plan. It does, however, give you a consistent and predictable monthly fee, as a self-funded solution.

Financial Reimbursement

Unlike National Health Insurance Plans, with annual renewals, savings from the plan are returned to you.

Transparency & Flexibility

You will receive a monthly statement offering you transparency into the performance of your plan so you can have the confidence that your funds are well-managed.

Risk Management

Because this is not a fully insured plan, overages are possible. Stop Loss will help you mitigate risk and manage any unexpected claims.


Your employee population is unique. We can help you customize your plan to your particular population needs.

Concierge Care

With any Lucent Health plan, your employees can have access to our concierge care team. We're here to help them manage every aspect of their healthcare journey, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs.

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