Leading the future of Healthcare savings and optimized care

The healthcare system is broken. Employers and their Members struggle to find a best-fit healthcare plan and care delivery solution. Does it really exist? The choices are expensive, inefficient and leave Members and their families wondering why the system isn’t better. Employers continue to seek a better way. Lucent Health was created to provide a customized solution for Employers that focuses on delivering strong savings and personalized member care. Our goal is to provide the healthcare plan that Employers really want for their Members and their families.

We understand the priorities of the CFO who just wants better control and insight over the healthcare’s spend. We get it when an HR leader says that Member care is the most important aspect of healthcare. We’re there — meeting them where they are 24/7/365 with cost savings, plan performance insights and tailored Member care. We’re ready to lead and bring the future to today. We’re ready to serve Employers and their Members. We have their back.

Headshot of Brett Rodewald, president and CEO of Lucent Health - healthcare risk management company and benefits administrator for self funded health plans and healthcare solutions.
Headshot of Alex Arnet, Chief Commercial Officer for Lucent Health, a benefits administrator and health plan administrator offering self funded insurance and healthcare solutions for self insured employers.