Traditional case management and disease support models are stuck in time, obsolete relics of a past era.

Most models don’t offer employees access to care and assistance on nights and weekends, they lack any level of meaningful family support, and are dependent on archaic technologies. Our care management services are designed to create a better healthcare experience for your employees while empowering you to mitigate costs.

Narus Health is the member-facing care team for your employees. With Narus Health as a part of Lucent Health, you benefit from the complete integration of patient data and direct collaboration across any challenges that your employees might face as they navigate care, treatment, and recovery.

Bringing care back to healthcare

Patients deserve to understand their treatments, medications, and options when facing any medical question, big or small. Our care team provides helpful, unbiased guidance to our members as they navigate the confusion of the healthcare system.

How we do it

All members and their selected family and medical providers have access to our care team via phone, video chat, and secure text messaging. We work with everyone involved in the patient’s care, both clinical and at home, to ensure a network of support that has a holistic view of the patient’s healthcare journey.

Simplifying the healthcare experience

Our free app provides a simple and convenient way for employees and their family to manage every aspect of their care.

Track Symptoms

Record key symptoms daily to better track your illness over time.

Share Care Plans

Review and share your care plan with your care team via email.

Secure Messaging

Have secure text conversations with your care team and any other caregivers you choose.

Manage Prescriptions

See and track all of your medications including recording your doses.

Study Up

Find and read education materials specific to your care needs or individual situation.

Share Documents

View and share important medical documents of your choosing (things like advanced directives, living wills, etc).

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