Data, Data, Data! How Do I Get Control Over My Data?

Jana Fuelberth, President & Co-Founder – Analytic.Li

Every employer is looking to be more productive, more profitable and a better manager of its people. But, there are common barriers that stand in the way of meaningful change. These include: • The ability to get all the necessary data together to drive meaningful change, • The ability to convert data into information, and • Being able provide the right data to the right person in a consumer-friendly way. In a departure from our typical exclusive focus on health benefits, we are giving employers an opportunity to see how management of data from all sources – benefits, payroll, time keeping – can be positively merged together to make an employer more efficient and productive and help you to save money. This session will focus on pragmatic ways to harness the value of people analytics for employers of any size and will benefit everyone involved. A fascinating look in to how data can be used to positive affect for employers across the spectrum of costs!

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