Chronic Care & Medication Management: The Leading Solution

Larkin O’Keefe - President, Tria Health

The overall health of employees and the cost of our health care system has become a national concern, as more and more people are diagnosed with chronic conditions every year. The resulting increase in medication use and misuse is creating unmanageable health costs for employers and dangerous health risks for their members. Since 80% of chronic conditions can only be treated with medication, the time is now to improve communication to these patients, increase compliance and get the health care provider more informed about how their patients are doing with prescribed medications. Larkin O’Keefe from Tria Health will present how Tria focuses on resolving the high costs and health risks associated with the mismanagement of medication. Learn how this unique service involves patients in one-on-one consultation, taking the time to go through each medication in their regimen and making sure it’s safe and effective, resulting in lower costs for employers.

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