Saved 44% on plan cost.

About the Client

300-life Employer fully-insured with Anthem.

Pain Points & Priorities

Employer was paying a rate of $820 PEPM. If the client had received trend increases of 8% annually, the anticipated next-year renewal over the next four years would have been $1,120 PEPM, which was much more than the Employer was expecting. The Employer was seeking a long-term strategic solution to better manage its healthcare plan costs and secure better care for its employees.

Why Surity?

Lucent Surity’s captive advisors provided the best-fit guidance to the Employer’s leadership team and developed a go-forward strategy which would help the Employer better manage costs while also improving employee value and experience. This customized solution became part of a captive whereby the Employer managed its premiums, reduced its plan costs and enhanced its employee’s experience in the plan.


Armed with customized reporting and in-person debriefs, the Employer’s captive experience not only exceeded savings and quality-of-care expectations, but also enabled the Employer’s leadership team to have a better sense of future cost rationale and how to best manage it.


  • Saved 44% PEPM
  • After three years, the average HRA wellness score was up 6%, and the financial results jump off the page
  • The Employer’s captive renewals have remained flat for 3 years running at $461 PEPM

Lucent Health’s Surity plan provided solid captive guidance for a customized plan which focused on both Employer and employee cost as well as quality-of-care priorities including wellness, biometrics and accountability across the employee population.

By not embracing a captive strategy, many Employers are leaving money on the table.