Saved 44% on plan cost.

About the Client

300-life Employer fully-insured with Anthem.

Pain Points & Priorities

Employer was paying a rate of $820 PEPM. If the client had received trend increases of 8% annually, the anticipated next-year renewal over the next four years would have been $1,120 PEPM, which was much more than the Employer was expecting. The Employer was seeking a long-term strategic solution to better manage its healthcare plan costs and secure better care for its employees.


Lucent Surity™

Lucent Surity’s captive advisors provided the best-fit guidance to the Employer’s leadership team and developed a go-forward strategy which would help the Employer better manage costs while also improving employee value and experience. This customized solution became part of a captive whereby the Employer managed its premiums, reduced its plan costs and enhanced its employees’ experience in the plan.

Why Surity?

Our approach enables unparalleled access to real-time claim data, which equips Employers to better manage their group’s medical trend. Employers have significantly stronger control over their destiny through comprehensive care management by influencing behaviors and partnering with service providers via Lucent Health. As part captive owner, Employers can realize immediate and ongoing claim cost reductions, which help grow operational margins. We strive to put out client’s needs as our urgent priorities.


Armed with customized reporting and in-person debriefs, the Employer’s captive experience not only exceeded savings and quality-of-care expectations, but also enabled the Employer’s leadership team to have a better sense of future cost rationale and how to best manage it.


  • Saved 44% PEPM
  • After three years, the average HRA wellness score was up 6%, and the financial results jump off the page
  • The Employer’s captive renewals have remained flat for 3 years running at $461 PEPM

Lucent Health’s Surity plan provided solid captive guidance for a customized plan which focused on both Employer and employee cost as well as quality-of-care priorities including wellness, biometrics and accountability across the employee population.

By not embracing a captive strategy, many Employers are leaving money on the table.