Holding Company

Lucent Health reduced overall cost by $700,000

About the Client

A holding company that distributes beverages in the midwest and southern United States. The company was founded over 60 years ago and has an excellent industry reputation as an innovator and best-in-class organization. The client maintains sales and warehouse facilities in the North East and has several distribution centers across the midwest.

Pain Points & Priorities

This company has over 1,000 employees and provides health plan benefits to 800 employees and their families. Their pain points were cost, lack of cost control and lack of data. They had utilized several national carriers with the hoping to solve their pain points but was unsuccessful.

Why Clarity?

The client selected Lucent Health’s Clarity product – value based payments solution, which delivers greatly reduced cost, long-term trend control and unlimited data.

Impact & Results

  1. Reduced overall cost by $700,000
  2. Expected trend of 1.4% down from 12% for over the last 5 years
  3. Receives customized reporting and daily dashboards to keep them informed on plan results

Long-Term Consideration

  1. Considering Lucent’s Rewards program to utilize biometrics to incentive employees to make better lifestyle and health decisions to receive better benefits
  2. Considering Lucent’s new 24/7 Clinical Health solution which provides members real-time health decision making support

Lucent’s Clinical Health solution provides real-time decision making support.