Federal Contract

Lucent Health has saved the client millions of dollars.

About the Client

A federal contract was published 17 years ago in search of a benefits administrator to help reduce their claim costs. They are national in scope and have approximately 65,000 members covered under the contract at any given point in time.

Pain Points & Priorities

The client at that time was paying billed charges for their claims. They wanted to partner with a third-party administrator that could handle real-time eligibility and has a PPO network that could deliver national coverage and good discounts as well.

Why Lucent Clarity?

Finally, a health plan solution that delivers 20% or more in additional savings over a traditional PPO plan, complete access to your plan’s data on a daily basis, better benefits for your employees and an option to provide 24/7 concierge care for the member.

Impact & Results

Lucent Health was quickly able to achieve significant cost savings of approximately 36% through the application of a national network. After several discussions with the client, as well as some legal language Lucent Health assisted in getting passed in Congress, we were to able process the claims at Medicare reimbursement rates, tremendously increasing client savings. Over the course of the contract Lucent Health has saved the client $1.15 trillion dollars.

Long-Term Considerations

Lucent Health developed an online portal for the field offices and corporate team to track day-to-day results, significantly reducing the amount of paper required for the plan. A new version of the online portal is in development that will provide additional healthcare solutions through more tracking and advanced reporting capabilities.

Lucent Health provides exceptional claim turnaround time.