Entertainment Company

The client experienced over 24% claim reduction!

About the Client

In 2002 an entertainment company was searching for a new third-party administrator to handle their benefits. At the time, they had around 100 employees. They were unique in that HR handled all employee interactions due to language barriers and time constraints of the employees. Today they have over 800 employees.

Pain Points & Priorities

The client was looking for a benefits administrator who could save them money and at the same time provide top-tier service. Additionally, the client wanted to partner with a company that was scalable and in a position to handle the client’s anticipated growth.

Why Clarity?

Finally, a health plan solution that delivers 20% or more in additional savings over a traditional PPO plan, complete access to your plan’s data on a daily basis, better benefits for your employees and an option to provide 24/7 concierge care for the member.

Impact & Results

To augment regular client meetings, Lucent Health also developed a custom report package that suited the client’s unique needs. In the end, the guidance provided to the client resulted in an overall claim reduction of more than 24%.

Long-Term Considerations

Now under consideration by the client is a new national network offering available through Lucent Health and the possibility for Lucent Clarity, a value-based payments solution.

Lucent Developed the client a custom support package.

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