Delivered 80% in annual plan savings.

About the Client

A large construction-product manufacturer utilized the same large national health insurance company for 17 years and was seeking financial relief for its healthcare plan and better results for its employees.

Pain Points & Priorities

The Employer received double-digit increases each year with no data to support the 8% higher-than-medical-trend numbers. They sought a plan that delivered on the promise of reduced cost, more data and long-term cost control.


During the first eight months, $2,750,000 in claims were submitted; Lucent Health generated nearly 80% savings for the client and only paid $500,000 saving the client $2,250,000.

Why Clarity?

Finally, a health plan solution that delivers 20% or more in additional savings over a traditional PPO plan, complete access to your plan’s data on a daily basis, better benefits for your employees and an option to provide 24/7 concierge care for the member.


During the first year, $2,750,000 in claims were submitted; Lucent Clarity’s VBP plan generated nearly 80% savings for the client and only paid $500,000. This resulted in saving the client $2,250,000 in additional discounts.


  • $2,250,000 in savings
  • Concierge style care for those employees requiring inpatient or outpatient care; each was assured the right care at the right time wherever the employee was located
  • Projected 0% medical or plan trend
  • 80% annual savings including $500,000 over carrier

70% to 80% savings from Lucent Health.