For a while there, the concept of having an outside company come in and provide employees with biometric screenings seemed pretty cutting-edge. But look how far we’ve come. Many organizations are now moving to a model that goes well beyond these on-site health assessments and offers things like primary care and pharmacy services right at the workplace.

It’s mainly a matter of cost savings and convenience. Through on-site and near-site care clinics, employers can lower – and better control – the overall expenses they accumulate when offering health coverage. Having a means for care right on-site can also deter employees from utilizing urgent care and other high-cost solutions that may not be medically necessary. On top of that, employers are able to realize added savings by emphasizing preventative tactics that promote wellness. Another opportunity to save? Employees who receive treatment at the workplace miss less work time and contribute to higher productivity rates.

As for the convenience factor, think of how nice it is for employees to schedule same-day appointments (sometimes even via the web) and get paid while they are being seen by a provider. They’re in on the savings, too. Employees who have on-site medical care as part of their health plan often benefit with lower co-pays and discounted labs/ services.

Some of Cypress’s own clients have implemented these on-site care clinics, and they’re reporting great success with the programs. In addition to dollars saved and added convenience, we’re hearing about healthier workforces. That’s a win for everyone!

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