This is a concept that was explored at our Cypress University conference last spring and explained as an innovation opportunity for care management by presenter Narus Health. Basically, “everywhere care” refers to the shift from limited options for receiving care (think of the long-time hospital-based focus here) to a host of other – often more accessible and affordable – alternatives.

We’re seeing this shift take place throughout the United States in recent years as more facilities ranging from on-site medical and urgent care to free-standing specialty centers and clinics enter the scene. On top of that, telemedicine and at-home options for care are becoming much more prevalent.

These added choices for where to receive care are having a huge impact on consumers. Look at it this way: Before all of these options existed, people often needed to go to the hospital when conditions of concern came up after typical clinic hours, labs were required or an outpatient procedure had to be done. Today, a growing number of consumers are able to consider multiple options first and even do some price and provider comparison before deciding where to go.

As I already touched on above, having additional options can mean faster access to care and more money in a consumer’s pocket. Two positives indeed! People no longer see the ER as their only means for a timely medical evaluation – they’re afforded more convenience in scheduling appointments and they’re also realizing big savings by going elsewhere for procedures as standard as diagnostic imaging.

This improved access to care can also mean better health outcomes. If people have more ways to receive cost-effective care, they will typically be less likely to delay treatment. Going in right away as symptoms develop can have major benefit in avoiding more serious conditions or added complications.

The era of “everywhere care” is benefiting all of us. This innovative concept in care management really helps put the consumer first and provides more options than ever before.

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